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Writing Craft in the New Year!

champagneAnother year has come and gone. It’s hard to believe that just 16 short years ago at this time, we were wondering why we were all getting our panties so up in bunches over Y2K…

Though I reflect on the previous and make plans for the next year, I’m one of those “no resolution” type people; if I need to start a new habit, I do it whenever I resolve I need to, even if it’s a random Thursday. Of course, with things like eating healthy and exercise, I have to get back on track every year after the holidays. But I don’t necessarily see that as a resolution.

For the past few years, I’ve been participating in a movement to focus on just one word for the year. The first year was confidence, last year was connection, and this year it’s strengthen. So I thought I’d take this blog post opportunity to talk about how I’ll apply strengthen to writing craft.

Number one is to strengthen my writing schedule. After finishing a book in 2015, marketing it, and doing lots of other projects, I kind of got away from a regular writing habit. If I want to finish my next novel anytime soon, I need to revisit that habit. To do it, I’ve scheduled hour-long writing sessions into four days each week in my calendar. At least two of the days, I’ll actually write on my novel and the other two days, plus more when I can manage it, I’ll devote to researching the early 1900s.

What word would you like to focus on in 2016 with regard to your writing craft? Feel free to share in the comment section below.