Review of diyMFA by Gabriela Pereira

diyMFA BookI’d previously heard someone mention the do-it-yourself masters-of-fine-arts degree in creative writing during a presentation, so I was thrilled when I came across Gabriela Pereira’s book, diyMFA. I’m also prone to doubts (watch my YouTube video here about how I release them); one of which is that I need an MFA in fiction writing to be successful. Thankfully, after reading diyMFA, I now know that it’s not necessary. Not only that, but with a diy MFA, I can tailor my study to my specific genre, historical fiction.

Gabriela breaks the diy MFA concept down into three categories to concentrate on to varying degrees at varying points in the process: write with focus, read with purpose, and build your community. The book addresses each of these areas, with the bulk concentrating on writing with focus. It gives you insight into traditional MFA components that you can incorporate into your own practice; things like writing every day, having people review your work, and connecting with other writers. I also liked how the book encompasses more than just writing mechanics, providing advice on what to do to help build the platform you’ll need when you publish, all while writing your book. I mistakenly thought that I would have to finish an MFA before I wrote my next book, but with Gabriela’s technique, you write the book while working on the diy MFA.

You can find diyMFA on Amazon here and you can learn more about the program and get lots of other information at

Have you or are you endeavoring to complete your own diy MFA? I’d love to hear how it went or how it’s going. Just comment below. I’ll talk about my diy MFA progress in upcoming writing craft posts.

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