I am still drafting my Taming the Twisted sequel – problem is, I don’t know if I’m on the first draft, or the second, or third, or what. It is going very slow. Maybe you can relate…

This is the least linear book I’ve ever written. I started out writing it from the original novel’s main character’s point of view. Then I realized I was bored with her, so I decided to tell the story from the younger sister, Alice’s, perspective. So I wrote myself a letter as Alice telling the author (me) why I should write her side of the story. This gave me a pretty good outline to use to knock out some words during NaNoWriMo.

Since nothing was in order, early this year, I wrote the scenes I had on notecards, rearranged them into an order that made some sense to me, and then started drafting additional scenes. After readjustments, I think I finally have them in the order in which they need to be, except since the last book ended with the start of the Civil War and the sequel mostly picks up toward the end of it, I have lots of gaps to fill – I’m thinking I’ll have to divide it into two parts or maybe weave more of the during-Civil-War stuff in as more back story.

Just this morning, I finished my most recent read through where I actually wrote additional scenes or simply put notes in: “[Put scene showing XYZ here].” At this point in the draft, the whole thing feels like a huge mess and I’m seriously tempted to scrap it all. Luckily, though, this isn’t my first book, so I remember feeling this way at least somewhat (I think it’s worse this time, though), but I persevered and got the book done in a way that at least was logical to me.

So my writing craft lesson today is this: Have faith!! You will hit speed bumps while writing your story, and it may even seem like such a mess you want to give it all up. But don’t. Just push through and keep going. Have faith that the solutions will come to you.

Can you relate? If so, I’d love to hear about it so please comment.


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