I have been using Grammarly for a full five months now. For the most part, I have found it useful. I’ve used it the most as the Chrome extension when editing short articles for my local school district’s e-newsletter and social media. It has helped me to catch many, many mistakes I likely would’ve otherwise missed. I also used the Word add-on to do the last check of my book, Versed in Nature: Hiking Northwest Illinois and East Iowa State Parks. This helped me to produce a totally clean manuscript (I believe).

I also have used the Outlook Add-in, but find myself disabling it quite a bit because it slows down the program. I haven’t used the feature where you upload your file to Grammarly.

I have the premium version of Grammarly which cost me $6.56 per month billed annually. As a premium user, I not only get grammar errors flagged with a red dot with the number of errors (or a green “refresh” icon if everything is fine), but I also get notification of lesser errors, denoted by a small yellow dot. When I have expanded the menu and clicked to see the “yellow dot” errors, I have almost never (if ever) chosen to accept those suggestions. Though I agree those suggestions would make my writing technically immaculate, it seems like they would also take my voice and interest out of my writing.

In summary, I recommend the Chrome Extension and Word Add-in but would disable the Outlook Add-in except on the most important emails just because of how it slows Outlook. I will also consider dropping my premium subscription when my period ends because I simply don’t use the expanded grammar suggestions.

Have you used Grammarly? What do you think? Any hints or tips you’d like to offer. If so, please comment.

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